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Activity Report – Mid July 2019

Last week, Teri Towner, one of our favorite city councillors asked us if we could do a little work for someone who really needed help. There were two tasks, so this is a 2 for one deal.

First we had to consult the tea leaves. This is done by putting some dry leaves into a container, pouring boiling water over them, drinking off the water and throwing the tea leaves over your shoulder. Don’t know why we do this but it seems to work fine.

The tea leaves hit Doug 2 and Cal in the face so they were given the job. Being a bit of a traditionalist Doug 2 went out looking for some child labour.

Cal on the other hand employed some technology, old tech in the form of a 1969 Barracuda with 400hp.

Our conclusion was that child labour is more environmental friendly.

Next we had to paint a couple of walls.

Yes that is Doug 2 again getting some pointers about painting from his grandson.

Mo, who had never painted before, turned out to be an expert. He left saying he was going to paint his house (I think we may have created a monster).

Once the painting was finished the plates on the electrical outlets had to be replaced. This is our version of “how many Shedders does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

Upon completion we had another tea ceremony and a good time was had by all.

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