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An actual Activity Report – Early April 2019


5 cubic yards of soil being delivered to the homeless shelter, to be moved into the garden by a bunch of Coquitlam Men’s Shed volunteers and an iffy weather forecast. What can possibly go wrong?

“You are 9 minutes late” was the first thing I heard as I approached the pile of soil. There were doughnuts and coffee on hand provided by a thoughtful member but everyone was hard at work and they were being ignored, so I had one.

In this photo Doug 2 is driving the wheelbarrow. Clearly Ian and Duncan are experienced shovel operators, Dan is supervising and the apprentice, Ted, is trying to pick up pointers from Duncan and Ian.

In this photo Doug 2 (recently demoted from wheelbarrow operator) is receiving training from Ian and Paul. By the end of the day he had been demoted from this position as well.

David 1 timed it perfectly arriving just as the cleanup was finished. He grabbed a doughnut and sought out a shady spot. If anyone should tell you that I observed all this from an arm chair in the middle of the lawn, I deny it.

I have to admit that it was exceedingly heartening to see Coquitlam Men’s Shed in action. Great job done efficiently and with the best of spirit (don’t get the wrong idea). WELL DONE EVERYONE.


  1. Mike Jennings

    Hi Abigail, The answer is maybe. We sometimes undertake work that is within our capabilities, fits our loose time frame and is close to home. Not that we do note have funds for materials.

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