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Carving Spoons

This is something new to me, but certainly a fun project to take on. Our friend Doug Mackie recommended carving spoons as a project to try.

You need some carving knife or chisels to do most of the work. I got a carving jack, and so far it works great for me. Also, on the recommendation of my friend, I got some cut-resistant gloves for protection from myself.

I tried working with various bits of hardwood that I had available. Softwood would not be able to handle the details without splitting or breaking. I cut them roughly to shape on a band saw to start with. They look like this:

Spoon blanksThen I get out my knife and start whittling down to get the spoon I want. This first one is made out of elm. I tried carving a spiral along the stem and a ball at the end.

Twisted spoonThis next one, I don’t know the wood, but it was a block I had sitting around for years. It was good to finally give it a purpose. It has two different colours. I finished it with butcher block oil, to seal it and it is food safe.

Long spoon

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