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Garden Project

We had been meeting with members of Coquitlam City Council enlisting anyone we could as allies in our mission to develop the best Men’s Shed in the country, right here in Coquitlam. One of the councillors suggested that we might want to meet with the Raincity Housing Society, they run the local transitional housing development. Not wanting to leave any stone unturned we soon arranged a meeting and were glad to share the purpose of the Men’s Shed. It turned out that they have a small vegetable garden and they were in need of someone to volunteer to look after it. Coquitlam Men’s Shed stepped forward and here are a few photos.

If you are going to have a garden, you got to have a garden gnome, we have our own.
Tomatoes were hardened off ready for planting.
A few seeds planted and we were off
We actually were able to produce some lettuce for the kitchen.


We had a hot summer and the strawberries and tomatoes took off like rockets.
We have built 3 new raised beds ready for next year.

For many of us looking after this small garden has been the highlight of the year. Now that it looks like the summer is finally over (end of October in Canada), it is time to clean up and get ready for next year. That included consulting with the staff about how things went this year (well) and what we may be able to do better next year. This year we maintained the garden by dropping in as it was convenient for our members. Next year we are going to be on site at fixed times, this may make it easier for the residents to more fully participate with us. A win win. We like that.

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