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Inactivity report for May 2019

Well my friends it has been quite a month, it started with a BIG cheque curtesy of Vancity Credit Union. The cheque was to update our tools. Wow! Now we had to decide on priorities. As usual everyone came around to my way of thinking in the end.

Susan Devlin of Vancity Credit Union presents the cheque to Mike. Dave Q came along to make sure Mike put it into the CMS bank account.

Then someone else gave us a generous donation if we would refurbish a kayak that had been built by their farther.

Jack and Mohammad get down to business.

And, finally it was Christmas in May. Doug 2 and Dave 2 went shopping and came home with the goodies.

A dust collector system, and a very nice miter saw.

Doug 2 is reading the directions while Don 2 tries to figure out where this bit goes.. It would have been better if Doug 2 had read the English version.

Quality control checks the base.

And miraculously, a compound miter saw on wheels appeared. I suspect it is actually a transformer.

Only a few tealeaves were drowned during the assembly process.

We saved the dust collector for the next issue.

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