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Inactivity Report – Mid December 2019

David Q and Karl were seen to be working this month. That darned “work ethic” seems to be creeping into the Shed again. Not to worry I am sure Doug 2 and I will be able to quash it before the New Year.

For some reason someone decided that this perfectly good set of kitchen cabinets needed work. Something about the draws falling apart, nothing Red Green couldn’t have fixed with some duct tape.

Forgetting all about the values they had learned from the Shed leadership, things like you are retired it is time to take it easy and have a cup of tea, these two got stuck in.

New material was consumed to make new draws using real wood.

And in the end, you wind up with something that closely resembles the original cabinet. Dah!!!

Definitely going to have to do some re-education with these two.

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