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Inactivity Report. Stop press. 28th. Feb. 19

Wow, you won’t believe what just happened.

Last week the Friends of Refugees asked us if we could do a little work around a couple of town houses to make them ready for refugee families and Coquitlam Men’s Shed sprang into action (it was a very weak spring). They supplied the funds needed for the materials so off we went to the HOME DEPOT to purchase the necessary supplies. That was on Saturday. On Tuesday some of the boys (ha,ha,ha) gave the job a coat of looking over and soon realized that one of the blinds was missing. We knew that we had purchased it because we had the receipt. I think that Doug 2 or Doug 3 must have left it in the cart (it couldn’t have been me) so today, Thursday, I immediately went back to HOME DEPOT to find out if someone had returned the blind. The store was turned upside down but the blind was not to be found. You see, Coquitlam Men’s Shed only has a few pennies and our treasurer knows the date on every one of them and I am sure that the Friends of Refugees Society has plans for every dollar that they have. I was moved when Doug 2 (our treasurer) said that we would have to pay for the new blinds (he is more protective of our shekels than a Doberman with a bone). But I was choked when the HOME DEPOT staff made a new blind to replace the lost one at no cost to us. I had not mentioned what the blind was for. THANK YOU HOME DEPOT.

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