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The Kiwi MEWE Attitude Adjuster

How to use this computer.

Situation 1) When having a trying conversation.

  • Hand the Kiwi MEWE to the other person and ask them to set it to the word
    they believe best describes your focus.
  • Take the MEWE back and rotate the first letter 180° (turn the first letter upside
  • Continue the conversation from the new perspective. (It may also help to give
    the other person a hug).

Situation 2) To decide who will do a nasty task.

  • Set the MEWE to your preference and pass it to the other person.
  • If the other person does not reset the MEWE, it shows the decision.
  • If the other person does change the MEWE, it shows the decision.

(It may also help to give the other person a hug).

History- Used by the Maori for millennia the first outsider to see the MEWE was
Captain James Cook. Being a bit of an authoritarian he didn’t realize the MEWEs
potential. 250 years later a wayfarer from Hamilton Community Men’s Shed
landed on the western Canadian shore bearing a MEWE. After many adventures he
finally found Coquitlam Men’s Shed. The MEWE had directed the wayfarer to the
place on earth where it was most needed. Now Coquitlam Men’s Sheds decisions
are made harmoniously by the president.

Following these directions has been proved to-

  • Prevent arguments.
  • Save marriages.
  • Improve and extend sex life.
  • Get children to eat vegetables.
  • Take dogs for a walk.
  • Do nothing for cats.
  • Streamline speed dating.
  • Save lives.
  • Remove wrinkles.
  • Reduce weight.

For a small donation you can have this powerful device working for you.

Powered by a wood chips.

You may observe other effects, if so please send report to <>

A product of Coquitlam Men’s Shed Society under licence (dog).
Some of the facts stated above may be of the alternative variety.

Two models to choose from.

Desktop Model.

Tablet version.

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