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Narwhal Tusk Box

A couple of months ago one of our members announced that he had a Narwhal tusk that had been in his family for decades and he would like us to make a box to protect it.

This challenge was enthusiastically accepted by the members who meet at our workshop on Friday mornings.

First and foremost, the Friday crew had a cup of tea and consulted, in depth, about the new project and how we were going to live up to the task of building a box for the tusk.

Second, we have no money but the owner of the tusk was prepared to make a donation to the Shed and we wanted to make sure that we kept it all.

An old display case made from clear cedar was found (by a members wife, she probably wanted to get rid of it). Then Mike Walsh at Walsh Plastics Ltd. donated the acrylic for the cover. We were off and running.

We had another cup of tea.

Each week, after tea, we would make a little progress reworking the display case and each week someone would come up with an idea that made the simple box a little more complex, a little more refined.

A few cups of tea later we handed over the product of many laughing hours of comradery, good will and a little creativity.

Now, another member has thrown down another challenge, build a bird box for his budgie.

Going to have to have another cup of tea, we have never built a budgie box before.

This time we may have produce a “how did they do that” series of videos.


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