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Nov 13 Sketches

Inactivity report for November 2018.

In an attempt to see if any of our members have any talent whatsoever it was decided to try drawing.

The results follow.

If there is a psychiatrist out there who can analyze the results Coquitlam RCMP may be interested in your observations.

Can was a little high.

Pierre was all at sea. Not bad considering Pierre is blind. The 1918 reference has to do with Neil who claims to have been a member of Coquitlam Men’s Shed since 1918.

Doug 2 modeled for several sketches. This one bears a remarkable resemblance. Artist unknown.

Some of our members have a remarkable imagination, some not so much.

This one is beyond description. I think Doug 2 needs to explain himself.

A painted ship upon a painted ocean. Doug 3

Clearly this member is a bit low, better keep an eye on him.

While we were busy at work our waitress knocked off this sketch of us. Pretty easy to pick everyone out. Great the way she was able to make us all look 10 years younger, slimmer and intelligent. Thanks Sue.

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