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Impending Activity Report for March 2019

Now we have done it. Or should I say we haven’t done it yet.

Last week Sunrise Rotary Club gave us $600 to purchase materials so we can build a community garden at Sunrise Terrace. What the heck we already have the Shed.

However, that means WE are going to have to do the work. Going to have to hide the tea and cookies.

There will be up to six raised beds according to how many residents sign up.

The BIG day for the installation is the 27th. of April 2019 (yes this year) starting at 10am. On that day the members of the Rotary Club (who seem about as energetic as us) will be on site to assist (the word they used was supervise).

Question for the executive, should we make this a fund raiser? We could erect bleachers, sell tickets and run a book on who collapses first, CMS or SRC.

More to come (I hope).

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