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Inactivity report for April 2019

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get around to this, the problem is that there has been very little inactivity this month so I will have to report all the things that got in our way.

Some time ago someone mused about building a small community garden at Sunrise Terrace, the development that hosts our shed. Someone else thought that that was a good idea and asked the local Rotary Club if they would like to pay for the materials. The Rotary Club came up with the darn cash and before we could have a cup of tea a truck arrived with a load of wood.

The wood was long and our Shed is small so we enlisted some help to chop it up.

Then we moved the wood into the shop and that was when we had a bit of luck.

We stacked the wood in front of all the tools. So we had a cup of tea.

Then, disaster. The dirt (sometimes referred to as soil) arrived.

Progress was slow.

Until school was out.

Now we are making progress.

Then a bunch of Rotarians showed up and got stuck in (more or less).

A few finishing touches applied (Doug 2 was in charge of quality control).

Finally the job was done, so we had a cup of tea.

Next year we plan to plant something.

As if that wasn’t enough, we got a call from VanCity Credit Union to say they want to give us $2,500 so we can upgrade out tools. We are going to have a cup of tea and argue over consult about how we are going to spend it.

Already there is a hint that there is a kayak coming in for repair, will it never end? I sure hope not.

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