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Inactivity report for January 2019

After about 60 hours of research and development we have completed the prototype of what we hope will be our first product. This spring we hope to complete the pre production prototype with production slated to commence in the third quarter (unless we have a cup of tea).

Not Mohammad, he made the thing (I don’t know what to call it). The thingy is hanging in the doorway behind him. Now we have to figure out how much the market will bare.

Due to a number of happy accidents the Shed is coming together nicely. We have acquired quite an array of tools. I hope that you had intended to make the donation.
We also have a mighty vise (or should that be Vice? Probably).

We have been recycling anything that we can make a bench or a shelf (I hope that wasn’t your fence).

We also welcome Jack, Ian, Dave and Mohammad who became new members this month.

What could we do if the doughnuts didn’t get in the way?

Happy February. If you order soon you could get one of those nice thingies to give to your sweetheart for Valentines Day (maybe).

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