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cms_logoWhat is a Men’s Shed?

  • It is what we make it. What are you waiting for?
  • A gathering place for men of purpose. And others.
  • Usually involving a work space. For those who don’t have one or have had to give theirs up.
  • Productive. Maybe.
  • A place to change the World. Definitely.
  • A refuge. When someone else thinks it is time to go shopping.
  • A helping hand. You bet.

What the Coquitlam Men’s Shed is not

  • A formal training program. But you may gain some knowledge and skills.
  • A sports club. But you may play sports.
  • A health program. But you health and well being may improve.
  • An information service. But you may ask questions.
  • A service for men. But you may be of service to others.

How the Coquitlam Men’s Shed aims to be

  • Independent. We welcome help from others but can’t afford anything that
    comes with strings attached.
  • A benefit to the community. We will give more than we get.
  • Inclusive. All are welcome.

What qualifications are needed

  • Respect
Want to join? Print out and fill in this application. You can then scan it and send it back to us here

Or Click Here to contact us

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