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What’s in a name?

Men's Shed Meeting

A number of people, often women and even the mayor of our fair city, have said that the name should be changed to be more politically correct. I don’t think so and here is the reason why.

First off, Men’s Sheds started in Australia about in 2007 and there are now Men’s Sheds in just about every community (almost a thousand). Men’s Sheds have also taken off in Ireland, Great Britain, and New Zealand and there is a tentative foothold in Canada so it seems that Men’s Sheds fulfil a need.

IMG_1324The nature of the need is not apparent at first glance. Initial reactions are usually something like “why do men need a shed to go to the already have a basement full of tools they never use?” There is a lot more to it than that. Men’s Sheds are really about men’s health.

Men don’t readily belong to organizations run by others such as senior’s centres. However they are often attracted by the idea of working on neat projects in a workshop setting, especially if they feel part of a team that can accomplish things and they run it themselves. Even then the attraction may be the coffee pot and a deck of cards rather than the tools and the project. Men of all ages sometimes find themselves isolated even though a loving family may surround them. Just because a man is busy doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel isolated. The family, children, wives, siblings and parents all benefit when the man is healthy in mind and body. A Men’s Shed is a great place to look for the teamwork, industry and camaraderie that is essential most men.

Just think of it as a Women’s Institute for men.


Mike Jennings.
Coquitlam Men’s Shed.

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